It’s time to service your car.

Where do you turn – without invalidating your warranty?

You take it to the main dealer, right?

Well, it’s your car, so it’s your choice.

You may think that when you purchase a new car you should only go back to the main dealer and going to another service centre will void your warranty but this is not the case.

Under European regulations renewed in 2010, car owners are not obliged to go to their main dealer during the vehicle’s warranty period and an independent garage can service your car leaving your warranty intact.

However, be aware that you should stick to the recommended service schedule and fit parts that are of an approved quality standard. You should also make sure you keep any maintenance and repair records as proof that you have met all requirements.

Your independent garage can offer experienced and fully qualified technicians as well as diagnostics and other servicing equipment.

Choosing an independent garage over a main dealer will save you time and money and provide a fast, efficient, ‘hassle free’ and friendly service.

It’s your right to choose.