Car repairs and can be a costly affair if not looked after and following the manufacturers requirements. General car repairs can range from your vehicle needing the brake pads repaired or the wing mirror having to be replaced to not so frequent requirements like having a new exhaust pipe fitted. Whether your car is in need of repair for an insurance claim or whether you have a bump or chip on your car that is in need of assistance, then Queen Street Garage is the place to visit.

With any general repairs it is important to get them put right as soon as you can. Sometimes delaying repair work can cause further damage, in some extreme cases, not getting it fixed
can be very unsafe and sometimes illegal.

Our friendly and professional team are on hand for any vehicle repairs and offer top quality results.

Courtesy car with our compliments

Courtesy cars are available free of charge and our friendly staff will collect and pick up customers. If your insurance policy does not cover you for a courtesy car, we can still offer you an unbeatable deal on hiring one.

Car Repair Services

Our extensive vehicle servicing options range from cambelts to exhausts. Our repairs include:

  • Clutch replacement
  • New brakes
  • Cambelt replacement
  • New exhausts
  • Replacement batteries
  • Wheel bearings
  • Head gaskets
  • Drive shafts
  • Suspension
  • Cooling systems
  • And many more

Summer is coming!

To avoid extra costs when summer comes, here are a few tips to consider:

Don’t let your car overheat – Coolant can be affected when your car is subjected to extremely hot temperatures. You can avoid this by checking the coolant regularly as it can be a costly affair – especially if you are sat in a traffic jam and your engine overheats.

Do not wash your car on a hot day – If you wash your car on a hot day, it will cause the soap to bake into the paintwork and leave marks in the paint. It is far better to wait until the weather cools, wash the car in a shady place or later in the day.

Avoid Tyre blow outs – If your tyres are under or over inflated, they are more likely to blow out when they get too hot. It is also very important to make sure your spare Tyre is up to scratch. If anything happens to the others, you’re going to need it.

Check your oil – During in the summer months, it is more likely for the oil level on your car to seem low, this is because your car overheats. The oil should be a brown/yellow, if it is darker this is a sign that the oil is in need of changing and perhaps a new filter is necessary.

Free Brake Pads For Life

Get new brake pads and get free brake pads for life (as long as you own the car).