MOT only £48.

Why book an MOT with Queen Street Garage?

  • Friendly and professional family run local garage
  • We are very user friendly and work to keep the process transparent.
  • We are 5 minutes’ walk to Taunton town centre
  • All our staff have over 30 years’ collective experience
  • Ample parking

About MOT’s

Your first MOT is required when your car is three years old and serviced annually thereafter

If this is the first time in taking your car for an MOT or if you haven’t done so for a while, it is recommended that you read up on what to expect and the process of having your car MOT tested. If you have no time to take your car to the MOT test centre before the MOT expires, do not panic! When convenient one of our friendly and professional team members would be happy to arrange with yourself, to pick up your car from your home or work place and if required drop it back once the MOT is completed.

Many garages have areas in which to park your car before the MOT is carried out. If you had made the appointment by phone or over the internet, you should have been given straight forward instructions on where to leave your car.

When should you arrive

If you can manage to drop your vehicle off before your time slot this will make it easier for us to complete your MOT on time.

After the test

If your vehicle passes the MOT test, you will be issued with a certificate which can be used for tax and insurance purposes. It would be advisable to make a note on when your MOT expires, so you can plan in advance for the next test. If for some reason your vehicle fails the MOT test, we will issue you with a document which will state exactly why this decision has been made. One of our team would be happy to discuss this further and go through what options there are. We would be happy to supply you with a quote and match any outside quotes.

Tips on the day of MOT

  • Do not over exert your engine. One of the vital tests of the MOT is to check your car engine is running at a normal temperature. Pushing your vehicle too hard on the way to our test centre can result in a false reading.
  • MOT’s can usually be carried out whatever the weather. If you think there might be a problem getting your car to the test centre, you should ring us as soon as possible and one of our qualified team will help to assist you or be happy to re-arrange another date for your MOT.
  • If you feel that your car has a good chance that it might fail its MOT, we would happy to supply you with a courtesy car free of charge. This is our way of avoiding any inconvenience to yourself and diagnosing why your car has failed its MOT. Be rest assured, all our technicians are highly qualified and use the latest diagnostic equipment.

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